qiwi CBG cigarettes

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We took the average cigarette.

Replaced the paper with additive-free rice paper.

Swapped the tobacco for premium CBG flower.

Added a hollow filter as a crutch.


The result?


A CBG flower preroll, with only 100% premium hemp flower, cultivated specifically for the most pleasurable smoking experience.

Nicotine free, tobacco free, no additives. Will NOT get you high.

111mg of CBD per qiwi. 2,220mg per pack.


It's basically magic.


Try the world's most powerful smokable today.

78 Reviews

  • 4
    Could be better flavor

    Posted by Cherry on Dec 21st 2020

    Tastes fine, almost like a regular cig, but I'm used to menthols so I suggest adding some natural flavors or something like that. These are a little pricey but shipping was cheap and very fast. Some hemp was falling out so I suggest tighter packing of the cigs themselves. Overall nice relaxing effect.

  • 5

    Posted by Porter Fratzke on Dec 20th 2020

    Best EVER!!! Try them they are amazing

  • 4
    good but wayyyyy to smelly

    Posted by v on Dec 19th 2020

    these would definitely be a staple for me if they didn’t have such a strong smell. it’s impossible to be discrete with these lol, as soon as i open my purse i get hit in the face with the smell so i have to keep the box in a ziplock bag at all times

  • 3
    Not Quite What I Expected

    Posted by Q on Dec 18th 2020

    The box came totally beat up. The cigarettes themselves are a little... wet? Oily? There are oil splotches on the paper I think just due to the hemp itself. The "filter" is also completely hollow so there's nothing keeping you from breathing in the hemp. I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about smoking one so I think I'll pass. Great packaging though.

  • 2
    I might die before these arrive

    Posted by Aeisha on Dec 17th 2020

    I can’t believe I paid money for shipping that hasn’t gotten these here in 14 days now... Will update review on arrival

  • 5

    Posted by Marcela on Dec 17th 2020

    I already recommended it to my friends, this truly relaxed me in a way I haven’t felt in a WHILE!! It does smell a little, if you’re sensitive to that maybe you’ll have problems but i personally love the smell BUY IT BUY IT

  • 5
    Very helpful

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 17th 2020

    Perfect for quitting vaping or smoking and really helps with social anxiety, great smell and taste as well. A great product that I strongly recommend!

  • 5
    These are awsome

    Posted by Marley Parks on Dec 16th 2020

    I had half of one and felt better than I have in weeks. They actually work. I'm a big fan of cbd products in general and these make you feel like a badass. highly recommend.

  • 4
    Convenient and practical!

    Posted by Lauren on Dec 15th 2020

    This was exactly what I was looking for when searching for a convenient CBD product. Resembles a cigarette and doesn’t have a SUPER strong smell so I don’t have to worry about smoking in a public place as I normally do with CBD joints. The paper they are wrapped in reminds me of regular cigarette paper so it does have a cigarette taste (minus the tobacco obviously) which I don’t mind since I used to be a cigarette smoker. Not sure what the filter is made out of(maybe plastic), but it doesn’t get soggy and isn’t flimsy. Would be cool if it was biodegradable.